Korean Cosmetic Brand DillyDilly, digitisation of local cosmetics purchase and establishment of sales system

Korean Cosmetic Brand DillyDilly, digitisation of local cosmetics purchase and establishment of sales system

Due to the spread of Corona 19 around the world, the trend of purchasing and selling local products in the Middle East is rapidly changing to fast delivery using online commerce and a fulfillment distribution system.


In the midst of this, DillyDilly Cosmetics (CEO Hye-min Kim), first launched in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with color cosmetics tailored to the skin tone and makeup of women in the Middle East market, completed the establishment of a digitalization and sales system for online e-commerce in the Middle East targeting the Middle Eastern female millennial generation. It was revealed on the 20th.


DillyDilly , which has a local subsidiary in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the UAE and Middle East, and has built an online simple digital payment system such as diversified Middle Eastern currencies and dollars through its own site, and is located in Dubai.


The distribution center and online digital system are used to provide fast delivery of 1-2 days, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf regions. The business area is expanding.


At the present time when it is not possible to test products offline due to Corona 19, local women and digital media content and marketing specialized in the Middle East region are used to sell cosmetics products through e-commerce, not only women in the Middle East, but also online with customers in various regions.


We are increasing product sales through direct communication with local customers and make-up artists, using our products together with local customers and make-up artists to create various makeup contents that match the hijab culture of local women, delivering information such as product color and feeling of use, and such digital contents.


It is focusing on online digital content marketing business specialized in the Middle East to lead to online purchases through online purchases.



DillyDilly Cosmetics is pursuing thorough localization tailored to the Middle East market in all aspects of marketing, logistics, certification, and sales, as well as products. SWAN) Application’s own online shop establishment.

It is scheduled to enter offline and e-commerce online shops of several other large Middle Eastern retailers.


DillyDilly Cosmetics plans to establish itself as a global color cosmetics brand beyond the Middle East by developing a variety of color cosmetics specialized for the Middle East market and women based on the experience of building and selling local infrastructure in the Middle East so far.