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Love! So soft and applies well!

I really enjoy this brush. I actually use it the most to apply my foundation.

I love this brush!

makes blush application smooth and flawless

love all their brushes

Very nice blending brush. I use it for my highlighter.

Its a perfect brush for blending eyeshadows and great for highlight.

This is a perfect brush to blend in concealer w/ foundation.

This is a really good blending brush. I am able to blend eyeshadows with a few stokes!

The blending brush is great!

I use this brush for the highlighting powder and love it. The size of the brush lets me put highlighter exactly where I want it.

My makeup goes on so much more easily with this brush

Use this for applying highlight and blending eyeshadow. Perfect size for both. So soft!!!

I love this sponge its easy to use and blend your make up products like a dream for a beautiful even coverage.

I honestly adore this little sponge. It's so easy to use and makes the makeup just blend in perfectly.

Soft, easy to use, perfect for foundation and my cream blush

Nice sponge. I just wish it was a little bit softer but overall I like it.

I love this sponge. It is very delicate and blends like a dream. It is a big help in creating a natural seamless look. It makes the whole process effortless.

Very soft and long lasting.

This sponge is fantastic, I've used others in the past, however this shape allows much better application around the face. I highly recommend this for a flawless finish.

I really like the way this feels as you apply the make up. Its easy to hold and to use different sections of the sponge to apply to different parts of your face.

Great sponge, application of the Re-Evolve foundation is smooth and the sponge washes & wears well so far.

Great product, will be buying more!

Simply brilliant product, it has helped clear up my skin. I use it in the morning and evening - so good I have re order and sent to a friend